VICERA Project

Gameboy-inspired 8-bit fantasy console!

The VICERA Project

Welcome to the official website of the VICERA project!

The VICERA project is a project that aims to create a fantasy console with a CPU close to what you could get in 80s micro-computers. In fact, the VIC-8P, the CPU that powers the fantasy console is heavily inspired by the Zilog Z80.

This project comes with software to play and create games for it.


This is the fantasy console itself, including the CPU, the GPU and a front-end to play games. Unfortunately, the front-end only works on Linux for now because I don't have a Windows computer to work on and the Windows C API seems to suck.

There are possibilities that I work on a Windows front-end in the future but don't expect much from it.

It features 64 KiB of RAM, an 8-bit CPU with 16-bit addressing, a 160x160 monochrome screen which works with tiles and sprites.


This software is the assembler for the VIC-8P CPU. It features labels, constant definitions and multiple assembly files support.

VICERA Collection

This is a personal collection of software that I have wrote as a side project made with components of VICERA project. Such as a snake written in assembly or a brainfuck interpreter.


You might need it if you are programming it unless you like reading C and C++ code.

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